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Murder Mystery Indianapolis                                         Murder Mystery Indianapolis

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Trying to decide what entertainment should be for this years Holiday Party?  Listen to the radio drama...
"Murder for the Holidays!"


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Unfortunately,...not all Indianapolis Murder Mystery companies are created equal.  
In fact, we've seen the others,...and,...after seeing their shows,...frankly,...we don't want to be cheaper.  
That's why we believe,...there's more to choosing an Indianapolis Murder Mystery company than "price".  

But,...still,...we know that budgets are budgets.  

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Looking for an Indianapolis Murder Mystery?

Have Murder Mystery, will travel

At our Murder Mystery comedy dinner shows in Indianapolis, you'll have a great murder mystery to entertain you, (and yours).  You can enjoy a Murder Mystery a couple of different ways!  Come to one of our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater shows in the Indianapolis area or,...arrange for your own private Murder Mystery Dinner Theater anywhere in the country.   We are perfect for corporate entertainment.  We are a professional traveling theater company specializing in the Comic Murder Mystery!  We would love to come to your place, to your corporation, to your company, or to your people and commit murder!  

Our shows are all comic murder mysteries with themes ranging from "Western" to "Gangster" to "Halloween!"  Looking for that perfect Christmas party for your company or group?  It doesn't matter if you want a murder mystery in Indianapolis or somewhere else!  Try a Christmas murder mystery!  

Our mysteries are improvisational and audience participatory.  What that means is that you, ( and yours), will play many of the parts involved.  We try to make all of our shows safe, but "dog-gone-it", try as we might, at every show someone is murdered.  Now we have a mystery!  Who did it?  Someone you know?  Or you?  You'll have outrageous fun figuring it out.  You'll meet lots of characters, but,...then again,...my guess is you're already quite a character, aren't you?  Whether you'd like to participate a lot, or just a little, we promise you a wild time at one of our murder mysteries!

Even though we're in Indianapolis, we travel all over the country providing murder mystery dinner theater entertainment for all.  I guess you could say, "Have Gun, Will Travel"  No, wait.  "Have Fun, Will Travel

Want to know more about the shows?  Click on the links below for murder mystery information, mystery dates, crime scene locations, incriminating photos, murder mystery show lists, etc. 

When it comes to murder, it's no mystery.  We're the best.  Just ask us.  

Latest News:  Are you ready for the Holiday season?  It looks like it'll be a crazy one for us in the murder business.  But, "there's no rest for the wicked" as we are receiving lots of calls now booking for the coming year's Holiday parties.  Call us now to reserve your murder for the Holidays!  

Here are a couple for you to choose from....

In "The Christmas Killer!" all the audience members, (yes...including you), are either an elf or a reindeer.  It's lot of fun finding out what you build, or fly, but then Ricky Stitch, (you know, the fast talking salesman?), talks Santa into automating the toy making industry.  Oh No!  Doesn't that put the elves out of a job?  It does until someone bumps off Ricky Stitch!  What a hoot!  ...and you'll meeting lot's of characters like Chatty Cathy, Dixie Cups, Surge the Robot, and lot's of others too!  ...and of course you'll be a character too, won't you?

...and another Holiday choice could be...

In "A Dickens of a Killing!!" all audience members are characters out of Dickens novels!  That's right!  You'll meet Pip, The Artful Dodger, Oliver, and lot's of others when you attend this Holiday Party in Merry Olde England!  A little singing!  A little dancing!  A little murder!  What could be more fun?  Of course, Scrooge is up to his old tricks again, and someone bumps him off!  Who did it?  Miss Havisham?  Little Tiny Tim ?  Or maybe Carl, from Accounting? 

  Call today to get "no strings" information about planning your best holiday party ever!

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Randy Manning
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Murder Mystery Indianapolis


What do people say about our shows?...

'Don' wrote us to say...
Thank you for the great time.  My wife is very shy about doing things like that, and we never experienced one.  But she played her part, (Maggie Macaroni), and had a great time!!!  ...The actor and actress did a fantastic job!  They played it to the hilt to the very end.  I am telling everyone I 
know about it and hope to see you again.  Thanks, 'Big' Bobby Bologna!!!!
"Janet" from California wrote...
Everything went just fine...just like you promised!  Randy and Carolyn were great and I've heard so many positive comments from people this weekend.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...for talking me through this!!  Now understand...I picked you guys off the internet!  You could have taken my initial $$ and RUN!  Who know?  *Please once again tell Randy and Carolyn...they were terrific!!
'Meg' and 'Jeff' wrote...
"Long after the crowds have gone home and the room is left quiet once more, the buoyant and weightless feelings of joy linger as the thoughts and visions echo repeatedly through your mind, and you find yourself smiling all over again.  In that respect, Randy Manning's shows are indeed timeless..."  
'Brooklyn' wrote..
The office has just been buzzing about it...  Everyone has told me how much fun they had.  Thank you so much for helping to make this event a success."
'Kim', with PharmaCare, wrote...
Thank you so much for such a wonderful show on Saturday. We are getting excellent feedback from all who attended. Also, thank you so much for your guidance and patience with me as we went though the arrangements.  I really appreciated all your help.  With such great feedback, we are hoping to have you back again next year.  Can you send me a listing of all the different shows that are available!
'Cheryl' wrote...
As a communication professor and consultant, I can attest to the group building application of your murder mysteries.  Seriously folks, if you're looking for an activity that's both fun and team building, you can't go wrong with Jest Mysteries!
...and ' William' wrote...
"It was awesome!!!"

Got a minute?  Check out a few short films we've produced. 

Be sure and turn up the volume cause they're kinda quiet, (on purpose), in the beginning.






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